Fabric Letter size guide for the 25cm classic range

To help you plan your design we've put together a series of images to illustrate the dimensions of each our letters, numbers and symbols. All dimensions shown are in millimeters.

All characters are a standard thickness of 60mm (2 1/4 inches).  Click any character below for full dimensions.

Placement and positioning.

Please consider that some characters cannot be shelf mounted as they need to extend beyond the "bottom line" i.e. in the lower case g,j,p,q,y, in the upper case Q and @ in the symbols. Some lower case letters are 14mm taller than upper case letters (b,d,f,h,j,k,l,) this is intentional and is standard on most fonts.

Space? do you have enough room to mount the desired word or name? The name ISABEL for example is 1.3M long in capital letters, using lower and upper case this can be reduced to 1M if space is at a premium, alternatively it is possible to mount the name/word vertically. The space you will require can be calculated by adding up the character widths (+2cm per letter for spacing) from the images below.
Obviously you're free to set your own pitch beweeen characters, however we'd recommend 2-3cm (1 inch) as a suitable distance.

Please position sensibly and well out of the reach of small children.

Our letters are not free standing, so require wall mounting using the easy mount wall bracket that is pre attached or can be leant against an object or wall on a shelf.



Lower case letters

Upper case letters